Where global networking leads to success.

We help elite freight forwarders grow their global business by introducing them to partners of the same calibre, enabling them to satisfy their customers’ demands and generate higher profits.


Joining SFN means becoming part of a committed group of elite freight forwarders. We limit the number of members per country to 3 (exceptions in China and the USA), in order to maximise the income of our members. This is truly a winning formula, offering the flexibility of a non-exclusive network, whilst maintaining the familiarity of a more exclusive network. The best of both worlds in one, which genuinely generates business.


SFN membership means far more than just joining a list of forwarders – it’s a strategic investment. Joining our network of high quality, proactive agents from around the world enables you to present your company as a globally-connected entity: essentially, a multinational. This global coverage, from vetted agents whom you can trust, will instantly expand your market presence and empower you to win more business from your prospective clients.

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SFN membership is the way forward if your company is to reach and thrive in the global market.

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Are you finding it tough to combat current economic challenges?

Do you struggle to find partners you can trust?

Established in 2012 in London, UK, we have developed a network that works. How do we know? Well, 94% of our members renew their membership, and 99% – 100% of payments are paid from one year to the next. 

By giving you instant access to top level partners worldwide, we can help you to weather this current storm and surmount all obstacles in your path. With our assistance, you can thrive, rather than just survive.

Our Specialist Freight Networks (SFN), ISO 9001 certified, successfully connect 204 independent freight forwarders in 102 countries for mutual gain. By permitting just 1 member per country in our Exclusive networks, and a maximum of 5 in our wider Non-Exclusive network (exceptions in China and USA), we give you a necessary choice of partners, without too much competition to obtain new business. We restrict our revenue, to help you boost yours.

We exist to facilitate the safe and profitable exchange of business between our members. The key to the success of our network is the fact that we ONLY recruit strong, high quality forwarders, dedicated to providing an excellent service. Join us and be introduced to an international group of proficient, vetted partners all sharing one goal: to increase business volumes. For a small investment, you can instantly present your company as a globally connected, multinational company. SFN Membership is an intelligent, win-win networking solution.

If keen to be part of an international elite squad of forwarders, united in their quest to fight back against all challenges…

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About SFN

With so many networks reaching out to you on a daily basis, we appreciate that knowing which one to invest in is not so easy.


SFN meetings are held annually to provide an invaluable forum for the exchange of business between SFN members.


SFN will introduce you to 204 Members in 102 countries. With representatives in every continent of the world.

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SFN membership is the way forward if your company is to thrive in the global market. Join SFN today.

What they say about us

Canada Kun
Canada Kun
A helpful network (SFN) we can trust...
Oliver Sequeira
Oliver Sequeira
We ( Cargolink Worldwide Ltd Canada ) are very happy that we found this Agents' Network about 6 years ago. Very well organized, the team is always glad and quick to help out with whatever assistance that we need. Just nice to belong to this wonderful network !
A great team that you won't regret to be a part of.
Sandeep Patel
Sandeep Patel
Great network very well run.
Stevan Stojanovic
Stevan Stojanovic
We joined the SFN network because we needed to align ourselves with a company that we could trust, that was about the quality of agents, not quantity. The team at SFN are amazing and I have no hesitation in recommending then to any potential agents looking to join.
Marcus Schlapper
Marcus Schlapper
Great Network with reliable Agents! Top Management of SFN! We are happy to be part of this group.
marcello saponaro
marcello saponaro
A great team manage a great network.