Frequently Asked Questions

SFN FAQ section, designed to provide clarity on common queries about our network, services, and membership. If you have questions that aren’t addressed here, feel free to contact us for personalized assistance.

Founded in 2011, SFN is well established.

We have a detailed application process, requiring documentation and strong trade references, in order to ensure all members are of a high quality.

Yes, all branch offices within your country are listed for one fee.

We have only 1 member per country in each Exclusive Network. In the Non-Exclusive network, we allow a maximum of 5 members per country (10 in the USA and China).

We cannot guarantee a specific level of business, no network can guarantee this. However, many of our members are working together regularly and developing new business is a key aim for our members. You can watch member testimonials here.

No, you are welcome to work with non-SFN agents. If we have space, you may even wish to invite them to join with you. For every agent you recommend who joins us, you will receive a discount off your next renewal fee, as a thank you.

Yes, we have held meetings all around the world, they are always well attended. Take a look at past meetings here. We look forward to meeting you at the next one.

We have a strict application procedure, only allowing high quality forwarders with strong trade references into the network. We also review any issues with current members, terminating members if they do not meet our Terms and Conditions, ensuring that the standards are kept high across the network. Luckily, such problems are rare.

Do you pass on quote requests?

Yes, members have several ways of contacting one another for quotes. They can complete the quick quote form, search on the dedicated members’ site for a specific partner, contact a specific country, utilise our SFN WhatsApp Group or send their request via SFN Head Office, where it will be passed on.

Do you offer payment protection and/ or insurance?

We have several ways of looking after the financials within SFN, and an excellent payment record in the network. Please contact Head Office for the full details

Do you publish a newsletter?

Yes, it is distributed quarterly (1st January, 1st April, 1st July and 1st October). It provides an excellent forum for you to promote your company. You will find the latest articles from the SFN Head Office and also news of our members’ activities.

Where is your Head Office based?

SFN Head Office is based in London, UK.

Do you provide sales & marketing material?

Many SFN tools are at your disposal. We are here to assist you in winning business.

  • SFN Personalised Website: endorsing your company as a strong forwarder.
  • SFN Logo: add the logo to your company website, email signature etc. to show your global presence.
  • SFN Brochure: this demonstrates your association with SFN to your clients.
  • SFN Presentation: this shows clients how well connected your company is.
  • SFN Introduction Service: SFN Head Office is happy to contact your leads to verify your international reach.
Do you have a company video?

Yes, please view here. We have many videos on our SFN YouTube Channel.

Do you offer marketing & news services?

Yes, please view our News Page here, where member news items are featured. We also promote our members on our social media accounts, as well as regular press releases sent both within the network, and to outside industry publications.

Do you have a financial monitoring system?

Yes, as soon as business begins to be exchanged, the Online Payment Monitoring System has been designed to ensure smooth cash flow between members and to prevent late payments. Healthy financials within the network are imperative. SFN Head Office is immediately alerted to any late payments and can intervene. Grand payment protection insurance schemes are just not needed in SFN - they have the adverse effect of failing to breed a sense of trust. With excellent payment records from year to year, SFN members chose not to enrol in a scheme when it was offered to them.

Can I promote our offices in other countries?

You can only promote your offices in the country of membership, however all additional branch offices within your country are listed for FREE. You are also welcome to invest in membership for multiple countries if you wish to really showcase your company.

Do you have any membership rules?

All members follow a Terms and Conditions to protect member interests.

What are the application requirements?

If you are an international freight forwarder and have been trading for 12+ months, you are eligible to apply for SFN membership. Please note that you will need to provide the relevant certification and 4 trade references with your application. Our sales team will personally handle your application and advise you of all requirements.

Can I have a free trial?

We do not offer free trials, as all applicants need to be financially willing and able to invest in the membership. It would also not be fair to all our members who have paid to join. We are confident that you will benefit from joining our network and find SFN great value for money.