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You can watch more video testimonials at the SFN YouTube Channel.

After 10+ years, SFN could be twice the size that it is now, however SFN Founder, Kelly Bunyan, is exceptionally particular regarding the calibre of forwarder permitted to join her network. Kelly states:

"Size does not matter! Quality will always be more significant than all else. This is why I limit the membership to 1 per country in the Exclusive Networks. We have long waiting lists for so many countries, but I will never change this policy, in order to maintain this exclusivity. This gives my members a chance to obtain business - the ultimate goal. As a result, a sense of family and an element of intimacy is safeguarded, which is particularly prevalent at our Member Meetings - our members leave the events being remembered, rather than lost in a sea of competitors. Join us at our next meeting."

It matters to all at SFN Head Office that the companies you are granted access to throughout the world are as strong and competent as you. New applicants are therefore thoroughly inspected and trade references, which are also verified, must confirm their ability to provide excellent service and pay on time. For strong and successful companies, this process is a mere formality. Your company is strong right? So JOIN SFN.

SFN exists to aid your quest to increase business, consequently all at SFN Head Office work tirelessly to promote the SFN brand globally and to attract quote requests for its members. SFN is regularly featured as an official Media Partner on international event websites as well as having the SFN logo on all conference materials. Such exposure helps SFN and your company reach a growing worldwide audience of industry executives.

SFN invests in search engine optimisation, so that the SFN website generates leads for its members.

Marketing tools are provided by SFN Head Office to demonstrate the global alliance SFN membership provides. For example, a printable, personalised marketing brochure, which mentions the connection between your company and SFN is provided once you join. A dedicated website is provided too, with a video of Kelly endorsing your company. Another example is this Multimedia Presentation, which can be shown to potential clients. Such tools assist you in demonstrating the global reach of your company.

Additionally countless state-of-the-art systems are in place in the member website to assist you in finding the right SFN partner and obtaining rates quickly in order to win the business you are pursuing. Members can be found via an interactive map, a printable map, every type of list – excel, online, drop down company or country searches. You name it, SFN has it, to ensure that no time is lost in quoting for your customer.

For such a small investment, you could be benefiting from all of the above. Sign up now, before your country fills up.

Member Profile Page

Once a suitable company is found within the systems, you can learn as much information as the relevant company is willing to share; each SFN member can manage their unique Company Profile Page, which contains all contact details, a list of services, company profile presentations, details about staff members and photographs.

Email Systems

SFN uses a secure, dedicated email system allowing members to send a single email to a specific email address, which is then automatically distributed to all members. This provides an excellent tool for members to promote their new services, a great shipment they have just been involved with, the opening of new offices, changes in local procedures, introducing new staff - anything that will raise the profile of their company within the network.

To ensure fast communication within the network, SFN also has dedicated email addresses to assist in directing quote requests to specific countries. All members in the required country can be reached with ease. The advantage of this system is that you will get competitive rates from several overseas offices, allowing you to select the most well-matched and compatible company to work with for each individual shipment. Full details on this system are provided upon joining.

Payment Protection

As soon as business begins to be exchanged, the Online Payment Monitoring System has been designed to ensure smooth cash flow between members and to prevent late payments. Healthy financials within the network are imperative. SFN Head Office is immediately alerted to any late payments and can intervene. Grand payment protection insurance schemes are just not needed in SFN - they have the adverse affect of failing to breed a sense of trust. With 99% and 100% payment records from year to year (currently 99-100%), SFN Members elected not to choose to enrol in a scheme when it was offered to them.