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Our members will testify that joining us was a great decision for their company.

It is imperative that SFN Members are truly qualified to handle specialised freight. SFN exists to appoint dedicated, expert Freight Forwarders to finish the job you start, as professionally and competently as if you had your own office in their country.

There are 5 Networks to choose from:

4 SFN Exclusive Networks: SFN Air, SFN Sea, SFN Project and SFN General.

(General is for forwarders strong in Air, Sea and Project).

1 SFN Non-Exclusive Network: 1 combined Network where are all specialties are listed:

Air, Sea, Project, Road, Perishable, Hazardous, Personal, Time Sensitive, Live Animals.

It is important to carefully invest in the Network which most accurately captures your main business interest. If you are an expert in Air Freight, but rarely deal with Sea Freight, SFN Air Exclusive would be for you, but not SFN Sea Exclusive.

Whether you are in the Exclusive Network or Non-Exclusive Network, know that the rate request system is the same. For example, if a fellow Member has some perishable cargo, they would submit the rate request form and the sophisticated SFN IT system would automatically route the request to the companies which have stated they are strong in the movement of perishables. In all of SFN’s Networks, you have a check box system, to state what your company is capable of:

Please inform us of the services your company can proivde

Air Freight
Dangerous Cargo
ISO / Flextank
Live Animals
Perishable Cargo
Personal Effects
Project Cargo
Road Freight
Sea Freight
Temp Control
Time Sensitive

If you would prefer to invest in more than one SFN Membership, you are most welcome to join more than one Network; the same fee is payable for every Network within which you choose to represent your company.

SFN welcomes specialist, competent companies; only highly esteemed companies can belong to a Network which claims to have experts.

Kelly Bunyan, Managing Director of WorldFreightNetwork.com has discovered through her 18+ years of running WFN that Freight Forwarders always say, when applying for Network Membership, that their strengths lie in all aspects of Freight Forwarding. Can this really be true for all Freight Forwarders – that they are all expert in everything? For a minority this may well be true and to capture them, SFN General Exclusive exists to showcase such companies. However, in the absolute main, it is Kelly’s experience that companies are specialist in some types of freight forwarding, but not all, hence why SFN has been created.

All SFN Members have to prove that their strengths are truly in the specialised Freight Network which they belong to, prior to being granted Membership. It is imperative that SFN chooses the ‘right’ company to represent each country. To secure reciprocal business and preserve good reputation, excellence is required. In such a cut-throat economy, no company can afford to lose business due to a lack of expertise.

SFN’s Members are determined to get it right the first time and it is SFN Head Office’s responsibility to ensure that only true specialists are allocated SFN Memberships throughout the world.

Watch our Members tell you why they think you should join SFN: Member Video Testimonials.

You can watch more video testimonials at the SFN YouTube Channel.