Member Interview: AdvanceLog, Hong Kong

Member Interview: AdvanceLog, Hong Kong

Member Interview: AdvanceLog, Hong Kong
SFN members are keen to share their freight knowledge, and discuss how best to approach the current challenges in the industry.
We regularly interview our members for their views on both the current climate, and their expectations for the coming months.
We recently spoke to Danny Tsang, General Manager at AdvanceLog in Hong Kong:
How did you start out in Freight Forwarding?
“I worked in Cathay Pacific cargo marketing department for a few years before I started out in the freight forwarding industry. It was in a time when Hong Kong’s air cargo and container throughput ranked in the top 3. Advancelog was established in 2008 by a group of air and sea freight professionals.”
Your thoughts on the logistics industry today and how things have changed due to the Pandemic?
“There is increasing demand for logistics services, despite world trade slowing down significantly due to the trade war and Pandemic. Courier service demand is on the rise, when more than 90% of the flights in the region is suspended. The Pandemic has changed the shopping pattern of most of us, as more and more people are buying online. It has further boosted the demand for the already strong e-commerce shipments.”
What are the main challenges facing independent forwarders?
“Big forwarders and integrators are getting bigger. Small and middle-sized forwarders are facing a lot of challenges. The magnitude of the problem is greater now, when most of the international flights are currently suspended. Customers are going to integrators.”
How relevant is networking in today’s forwarding industry?
“Networking is very important in today’s forwarding industry. Every shipment is important. We need a good agent network around the world to help monitor each international shipment.”
How do you see the future for independent forwarders?
“In most cases, small and middle-sized independent forwarders cannot compare with large forwarders in price. We can compete on quality services with reasonable prices. And there is a niche market for this.”
Advancelog Limited was established in April 2008 in Hong Kong as a freight forwarder and logistics service provider. We have qualified personnel coming from airline industry, shipping liners, NVOCC and freight forwarders. The combined knowledge and experience enable us to meet the needs of the most demanding customers.
Our core business is not just international door delivery. We have gone much beyond. We have played a very important role in our major customers supply chain management by providing full freight services, cargo consultancy and value added logistics back up. We believe this will allow our customers and partners to be one step ahead of their competition.
Our employees, partners and customers are our most important assets. Our growth is achieved by strong collaboration with our customers, employees and partners.
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