Member Interview: Longwind Logistics Co., China

Member Interview: Longwind Logistics Co., China

Member Interview: Longwind Logistics Co., China

SFN members are facing all sorts of challenges right now, having to adapt and diversify. We regularly invite our members to share their views on the industry – past, present, and future.
We recently interviewed Fernando Wu, Director for Overseas Business at Longwind Logistics Co. in China:
How did you start out in Freight Forwarding?
“Freight Forwarding Salesman was my first official job. After I finished my college study in Beijing, I moved to Shenzhen in 2008. This is one the most vigorous cities in the world and the logistics industry was booming, together with the city, at that time.”
Your thoughts on the logistics industry today and how things have changed due to the Pandemic?
“The Pandemic has just proved how essential the logistics industry is, to both the global economics and people’s daily life. This industry might change or evolve, but it will never disappear. As freight forwarder what we have to do is to adapt to these changes then we may survive.”
What are the main challenges facing independent forwarders?
“I think the main challenges we are facing are not from other freight forwarders, but from those big players like Maersk, Twill or Amazon. Twill is trying to provide direct shipping services, connecting seller to buyer; Amazon and other multinational online shopping companies are changing the way that people buy things. The cake, for forwarders, is shrinking.”
How relevant is networking in today’s forwarding industry?
“Networking is very important in the forwarding industry. Nowadays, you can find many forwarders in almost every country, but what really matters is quality not quantity, in this industry with fierce competition. A good quality network will help you to understand your partner much better, and that will surely enhance the trust and save a lot of communication time, which will help you to gain business.”
How do you see the future for independent forwarders?
“We will face a lot of challenges in the coming future from those game changers, but I believe they will only change the way we play the game, they will not end the game. The logistics industry will keep growing, changing and evolving. We have to keep up with the trends.”
Founded in 2010, Longwind is growing into a professional logistics provider based in China. We now offer services including maritime transport, air transport, multimodal transport, bonded logistics, supply chain design, customs inspection, supply chain finance, cross-trade handling, FBA service  and other tailor-made logistics service.
Our services are customer oriented, fast and efficient service are the core values of our business, and we believe that is what Longwind lives on.
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