Member Interview: Ningbo Green International Trans, China

Member Interview: Ningbo Green International Trans, China

Member Interview: Ningbo Green International Trans, China
SFN members are well experienced in their industry and experts in freight. We took the opportunity to interview several of our members, to gain an insight into both their background, their views on the Pandemic, and their thoughts for the future.
We recently spoke to Wood Wu at Ningbo Green International Trans in China:
Please share your thoughts on the logistics industry today and how things have changed due to the Pandemic?
“In my opinion, the internal structure of the logistics industry has adjusted and optimized rapidly, so we will face more and more competitions.
And the pandemic impact to logistics is huge. The state increased the intensity of inspection of goods, extended customs clearance time, so that the quality of goods higher requirements.
The time of resuming work varies from place to place. So we can’t communicate with our clients in a timely manner. Sometimes clients can’t pick up the goods in time. Additional costs were incurred as a result of heavy container traffic at the port. Even customers may choose to give up the goods.”
What are the main challenges facing independent forwarders?
“In recent years, the main challenge for independent freight forwarders has been to develop more customers and maintain more trading partners.”
How relevant is networking in today’s forwarding industry?
“Very. The network promotes the logistics industry, we can better introduce ourselves to other companies, and develop more convenient and efficient communication with customers.”
How do you see the future for independent forwarders?
“In the future, independent freight forwarders face the same opportunities and challenges as today – we need to seize the opportunity to meet the challenges.”
Ningbo Green International Trans Co. Ltd is a Forwarding Company approved by the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economy Cooperation of P.R.China to operate international Sea & Air freight forwarding and express delivery business.
By years of hard work, our company has grown up to be a large and powerful logistics service supplier. We have strong experience in the area of ocean shipping, air-express and land-carriage and also at bonded area, storage, applying to customs, insurance and LCL forwarding.
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