SFN Announces Newest Industry Collaborations

SFN Announces Newest Industry Collaborations

SFN Announces Newest Industry Collaborations
SFN is pleased to announce the following exhibition partnerships: 
SFN Collaborate with III International Black and Caspian Sea Transport Forum

III International Black and Caspian Sea Transport Forum (September 19-21, 2016, Batumi, Georgia) is the international event focusing on quite a few relevant questions related to the sea shipping and inland transportation in the region.
In light of unstable situation on the bulk freight market with the rates for key cargos plummeting; necessity of changes in container shipping and an array of alterations on the map of Eurasian multimodal routes, the countries of the Black and Caspian Sea regions keep strengthening their transit potential and finding new solutions to increase the cargo transportation effectiveness.
Difficult economic reality and globalization processes have made the logistic effective solutions drastically important and set new horizons for the logistic systems development and international cooperation enhancement.
Target audience:
Railways, ports and terminals, container lines, road carriers, forwarding agents, logistic companies, investing companies and banks.
Among the forum’s key topics:
The regions’ transport infrastructure development. New services and routes. Sea shipping, railway and road transportation.
Main cargoes in the regions: grain, mining and metallurgical products, mineral fertilizers. Main trends.
Train-ferries services development in the region.
Railway and Ro-Ro services. Construction of new terminals.
Container traffic. Optimization of the container lines services in the Black Sea region.
Cargos transit between the Caspian and Black Sea regions.
SFN Collaborates with Indian Clean Seas 2016

The ocean makes life on Earth possible. It nourishes our bodies and our souls. It influences our weather, fuels economies and connects distant lands. It is vast, deep, powerful and mysterious. And it’s in trouble. As 70% of the earth is covered with water, people actually assumed that all pollutants would be diluted and get disappeared. But in reality, they have not disappeared.
In present times humankind deliberately disposes waste which enters our oceans indirectly along many different pathways. Human society inevitably generates immense amounts of waste discharging millions of tonnes of problematical substances which eventually ends up in the oceans, polluting it, is a growing cause for concern.
The International Convention for the Prevention of Marine Pollution from Ships 1973, as modified by the Protocol of 1978, known as MARPOL 73/78, is the principal regulation covering protection of the marine environment.
Substances which are dispersed by burning of oil, gas, coal & industrial chemicals into the environment from the atmosphere are far more difficult to control. This is what makes it so difficult to combat pollution to improve the situation.
Ultimately, every individual nation has a responsibility to adopt appropriate measures to keep its marine environment clean.
In contrast to the marine litter situation, a more positive trend can be observed with regard to oil pollution. Fortunately, the pollution from oil has been decreasing in recent years. It is difficult to say whether this is due to more stringent controls on commercial shipping or better ship safety.
Almost any discharge from a ship / offshore installations into the surrounding environment needs to be carefully considered in advance. Not only are chemical cargo residues, oily water from machinery room, overboard disposal of garbage are strictly regulated, but funnel exhausts and ballast water have now been identified as requiring control. There is a new regulatory requirement regarding the disposal of garbage from ships. Ships will dispose their ship-generated waste to reception facilities ashore.
SFN Collaborates with Transit Kazakhstan

Transit-Kazakhstan exhibition takes place 2 years in Almaty, and every third year in Astana.
In 2016, the exhibition will take place on 4-6 October 2016 in Kazakhstan’s financial and business capital – Almaty, in the territory of Atakent, a specialised exhibition centre serving as the most convenient and renowned forum for international events.
SFN Collaborates with TOC Americas

TOC Americas is a market-focused conference & exhibition which takes place annually in one of the world’s key shipping hubs. This conference-led event is the complete container supply chain show for the region, bringing together cargo owners, logistics providers, carriers, ports, terminals & other key stakeholders to learn, debate & network.  The event consists of a two-track conference & exhibition: Container Supply Chain Conference | Terminal Operations Conference | Port Technology Exhibition.
SFN Collaborate with Trans Uzbekistan

13th International Exhibition of Transport and Logistics Services, Railway Equipment and Technologies for Rolling Stock and Transport Infrastructure
November 16-18, 2016
To date, the International Exhibition of Transport and Logistics Services, Railway Equipment and Technologies for Rolling Stock and Transport Infrastructure – TransUzbekistan 2016 remains the only specialized transport industry platform in the Republic of Uzbekistan, which facilitates development of transport infrastructure, improvement of logistical systems, bringing in innovations, and increasing the volume of international transportation in the entire Central Asian region.
Over the years of being held, the exhibition has repeatedly confirmed its status of the only specialized platform in Uzbekistan designed to establish cooperation with local and foreign transport and logistics companies, and has become the meeting venue for carrier companies and freight owners. The platform provides a means for obtaining the most detailed and accurate information about the customs services, storage and warehousing of goods.
Every year, the exhibition attracts attention of a growing number of international experts in the field of:
Transport and logistics services (rail, road, air, and sea transportation). Every year, there observed an increase in number of experts in the area of multimodal freight, project cargo, heavy loads and oversized cargo transportations, as well as in terminal services, packaging, warehousing and customs clearance of a vast range of goods.
The latest achievements in the field of equipment, technologies and services to ensure the effective performance and intensive development of railways and aviation which represent the most important part of the global transport complex.
Warehousing machinery, weight-handling equipment, and systems for optimization of warehouse complex working processes (automation and temperature control of the supply chain).
Special exposition as part of TransUzbekistan NGV – Natural Gas Vehicles: producers and suppliers of gas-engine vehicles, gas-filling equipment that use compressed and liquefied natural gas. The relevance of this trend is driven by the ongoing governmental program aimed to switch transport means to compressed and liquefied natural gas.
SFN Collaborate with Trans Baltic

International exhibition TransBaltic is an effective tool for increasing sales of transport, logistics and customs services, warehouse equipment, IT solutions for transport and logistics in the Northwest of Russia.
Exhibition participants get an opportunity to negotiate within a short time with a large number of potential clients from among the representatives of cargo owners and forwarding companies. Why exhibit >
Visitors of TransBaltic exhibition get an opportunity to:
Select providers of transport, logistics and customs services for the purpose of commercial goods delivery optimization;
Select suppliers of warehouse equipment and IT solutions for transport and logistics.
SFN is featured as an official Media Partner on the event websites as well as having our logo on all conference materials.
Again, this exposure will help the SFN network and your companies reach a growing worldwide audience of industry executives.

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