SFN Member in Jordan Shares Support for SFN

SFN Member in Jordan Shares Support for SFN

Target Logistic Services are long term SFN members in Jordan, as well as regular attendees at our annual meetings.

They recently shared a video of their office, where they have an ‘SFN corner’ for their group photos from our meetings. If you use Facebook, you can click below to view:

Target’s member profile states:

“Building on our commitment to outstanding customer service and the ambition to maintain a comprehensive, fast, and reliable shipping service, Target strives to achieve its vision of Linking the Middle East to the World as a secure and efficient shipping service. We believe in long-term growth plans that optimize efficiency, security, capacity, quality, and service. No matter what the circumstances, we do our best to satisfy our customers and reach our targets.

We are certified members of the Jordan Logistics Association. Our well-trained staff who are certified professionals in Freight Forwarding will ensure the best possible on time service to our valued customers. Our aim is to satisfy our clients through a very flexible organization with experienced staff able to offer the highest possible level of service.

TLS has been operating in the transport and integrated logistics sector since 2013. Our main aim has always been to satisfy the needs of all our customers by offering them personalized transport service for any volume of goods, anywhere in the world.

The company’s staff consists of the owners themselves who can be contacted directly, thus guaranteeing efficiency and reliability. Our organization is able to establish the kind of personal relationships with our customers because we feel that those customers are the key to our success.

Our Vision and Mission

Target Logistic Services will passionately provide supreme quality freight and logistics services. We will become a vital link in our customers’ and suppliers’ business. Innovation, integrity and value for money are our mandates.”

Kelly Bunyan, SFN Managing Director, says: “We always aim to recruit long term quality members who will invest in the network and attend our events. Target are a prime example of this, committing to supporting their fellow members, joining us at meetings and making the most of their membership. We appreciate their continued support and will continue to enjoy our mutually beneficial business relationship – and friendship.”


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