Specialist Freight Networks Celebrates 10 Year Anniversary

Specialist Freight Networks Celebrates 10 Year Anniversary

Specialist Freight Networks Celebrates 10 Year Anniversary
Specialist Freight Networks (SFN) is celebrating its 10 year anniversary this month.
SFN Managing Director, Kelly Bunyan, said: “From its inception in 2012, SFN has grown steadily into a strong and highly successful network. My vision of a family network with top calibre specialists has become a reality and I’m delighted to see our members achieve success with the support of our group. Many of our members are Founder Members, having been with us from the very first year.”

Some of the Founder Members shared their congratulations:
“As a historical member of SFN exclusive network since its creation 10 years ago, we have seen its expansion in a very positive way! A few terms immediately come to mind: trust, security, ease, complementarity and efficiency.
In an increasingly difficult context, the presence and responsibility of SFN actors allow us to work and evolve with trusted partners. A network resolutely turned towards the future, around a shared philosophy, representative of the DNA of TMT. This ease of exchange with members and agents, through a really comfortable data base, also gives us the opportunity to develop and offer solutions for new traffic that has not been considered until now.
We are proud of the progress made with the entire SFN team, which is always trying to strengthen the links between its members, and we will be delighted to meet them all at the end of the year during the seminar organized in Croatia. Happy 10th anniversary to the SFN network, congratulations to the whole team and members.”
Matt Talbot at TMT – Transport Maritime & Transit, France
“Hi Kelly and Jess. I wanted to send a HUGE hug and congratulations on 10 years in business. You have achieved a great milestone and one that you should be proud of. I am very honored to be part of such a wonderful network of professional freight forwarders and logistics companies that work so hard together to reach our common goals of increasing business and having like minded companies working as a cohesive group. I have made MANY friends in the past 10 years in the group and have the both of you to thank and I appreciate you every day! Cheers from ACROSS THE POND, as they say, and I look forward to another solid 10 YEARS together!!!”
Tim Taylor at Worldwide Logistic Partners, USA

“Time flies so fast… a journey of 10 years since our 1st meeting at KUL… A dazzling expansion for a network that has demonstrated that rigor and professionalism in the day-to-day management, the choice of members and the organization of meetings, are the key to success.
It is an honour to be one of the founding members of SFN and a pride to see that over the years, the relationships created at the origin are getting stronger and that after each new meeting, new ones are created. 10 candles will be blown out soon… but 1 thing is sure: This success is to the credit of SFN team that made these 10 years such a success.”

Grégory Moortgat at Deny Cargo, Belgium
“Being part of SFN has been fantastic. Not only have we been able to grow as a business, but we have been able to make some really good friendships along the way. The quality of member within the group is second to none and we are very grateful to everyone at SFN for making being part of the group such a wonderful experience.”
Ian Connell at Energy Freight Forwarding, UK

Kelly added: “I would like to thank all our members, old and new, for their loyalty, professionalism and support. Our SFN family continues to go from strength to strength. Best of all, many of us will be reunited at our meeting later this year. I and my team remain committed to assisting our members to expand their reach worldwide, achieve their goals and increase their business.”
If you would like to join a well-established network and do business with freight specialists, complete the SFN Application Form now.

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