Please watch our Members explaining why they think you should join SFN. You can watch more video testimonials at the SFN YouTube Channel.

SFN Members fully endorse their chosen network. When asked if you should join, they all shout a definitive, “yes.”

Watch a small selection of SFN Members tell you how you can benefit from SFN Membership and why you should join us.

Ash from Hunter Cargo & Customs in Australia points out that SFN membership enables her to “generate friendships and win business.”

Kim from Rinchem USA says it’s great to have SFN partners: “Business definitely goes both ways and we’re building strong relationships.”

Oren from Caspi Freight in Israel loves SFN: “I believe in the product, that’s why I’m pushing people to join.”

Tim Taylor from WWLP USA doesn’t feel that payment protection is required, as SFN is a “close knit family; I’ve never had a problem.”

Daniel from NOVA Traffic in Switzerland thinks SFN stands out over other networks and believes SFN Head Office “is doing a good job and very professional.”

Marcus from ICS Australia is committed to doing business within SFN. In fact, as he explains here, “the majority of ICS’ freight now goes to SFN members.”

Watch a selection of SFN Members tell you how you can benefit from SFN Membership, and why you should join us.

“We are long-term members of the SFN Network and have benefitted greatly. It is so helpful to have partners worldwide whom we know we can trust; the members are top quality, quick to respond and ready to assist us. The SFN Head Office team are friendly, super-efficient and give us a very personal service. We appreciate their hands-on approach to ensuring we make the most from our membership. We highly recommend this brilliant network to other forwarders.”

Sónia Morais
ETE Logistica

“SFN the Network completely fulfils its name. SFN is really SPECIAL for me. The team of Kelly, Dalia and Jess are really a great team together and help us with all our queries. The network is not only focusing on just doing business but to create a FAMILY. And when a family is created, the business automatically flows. I have done a fair amount of business in just one year with almost 8 to 10 agents. But more over I made some really good friends. I am really LUCKY to be a part of SFN.”

Vineet Agarwal
Ryal Logistics

“We are very happy to have joined SFN and have been impressed with the quality of SFN members. SFN connects us with professional forwarders around the world, extending our international reach and boosting our business opportunities. We are also really happy with the dedicated support we receive from Kelly and her team. We have not only found excellent and dynamic partners within the group, but have developed friendships too. If you are looking to expand your business, develop relationships with strong agents and satisfy your customers, look no further.”

Ian Connell
Energy Freight Forwarding